At D-TECH we have over 125 years combined experience in dental and medical practice management and billing. We want to put that knowledge to work for you in the best capacity possible. We have various services and can customize our products to meet your individual needs. We know that every office is different and we strive to embrace that individuality and create a plan that is specific for you.

Ask yourself the questions below.

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  • How much is it costing you now to perform billing and collections in-house? 

  • Is your team writing off services unnecessarily? Are they following up on claims that never get paid? 

  • Do you honestly know what percentage of your gross charges you are collecting?

  • What is your A/R over 90-days?

  • Are you losing key employees and having problems finding reliable and knowledgeable staff?

  • Are you adding additional providers and/or team members and need additional space? 

  • Are you performing procedures such as oral surgery, implants and sleep apnea appliances and frustrated with the medical claims submissions process?

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